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Age Concern Bentham - Day Centres

Age Concern Bentham operate a day centre every Friday at the Masonic Hall in Bentham from 10am - 3pm.  The inclusive cost is just £4. Attendances average around 30/40 each week.

the AC Bentham owned minibus operates a full pick up/drop off service, door to door (included in charge) within a 10 mile radius of Bentham village.  As well as the driver, the minibus has an onboard escort to assist those with mobility difficulties.  Tea/coffee and other refreshments are available on arrival where members meet to chat and catch up.

Lunch is provided.  This is a two course hot meal using locally sourced freshly prepared ingredients, cooked on the premises and is included in the £4 charge. 

In the afternoon, various activities are arranged including:
Keep fit - once a month - "extend" exercises
Card bingo
Speakers are invited to come along to talk about their hobbies and interests

A very successful D-Day event was held on Friday 5 June where a singer entertained the menbers with well known songs from the wartime days.

For further details, please contact Betty Wilson on 07846 012304 or Hazel Kennell on 01524 261597.

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